Process Services Officer

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Our client, a North West based Healthcare Manufacturer are recruiting a Process Services Officer. You will report to the Production Manager and will be based on site in Merseyside. You will be responsible for:-

  • To ensure the Stock Card System is maintained correctly by fully trained staff on a daily basis.
  • To direct the Goods-In Lab in priorities for passing raw materials and to follow up chasing delivery notes.
  • To fill out Requisition Notes for raw materials on a daily basis for the Goods-In Warehouse to deliver same day to allotted area.
  • To provide the Purchasing Department with dates for Bulk Deliveries requirements. This information is up-dated each week against a 4 – 6 week forecast.
  • An up-dated monthly list of raw materials requiring retesting will be sent to various departments giving prior notice of items due to expire.
  • Retest Notification Forms will be filled in and sent to the Goods-In Lab along with samples of the material.
  • Information for rejecting raw materials will be collated with the Goods-In Lab and myself and e-mailed to the Q.C. Department. After receiving the completed reject note from appropriate arrangements must be made for disposal.
  • This includes Pholcodine, Codeine and Potassium Permanganate. Ensuring all aspects of keeping these items secure is adhered to according to licence specifications.
  • Both annual licences to be applied for at required times. CRB checks to be renewed every 3 years. Annual return forms to be completed and returned to the Home Office. Deal with any Home Office inquiries and responding to any forthcoming audits.
  • Up-date Caster Sugar spread sheet each month and e-mail to RPA. Complete monthly return form and post to RPA.
  • Check stock of raw materials each month after filling operations and issue stock adjustment forms to correct stock in system. Other adjustments to be made as and when applicable.
  • Complete and return the W8 form to Customs on each delivery of Ethanol. Keep adequate book-keeping according to licence requirements. Watch the allotted annual quantity does not exceed the licence. To increase the quantity by contacting the Customs H.O. to start new licence proceedings.
  • Attend daily production and weekly planning meetings.
  • To input daily usage figures on the system against the plan and answer any enquiries from Widnes whilst the Planning Manager is on holiday.
  • Assess when manufacturing products might happen so as tray labels can be printed with the correct details on them.
  • Check the information on the DGN’s is correct and sign accordingly.
  • Amend packaging sheets using Change Control sheets, QAF 040’s and obtain checking signatures on each sheet.
  • Introduce a new Packaging Document by collecting QAF 040’s, Computer Formulation sheets, copy of B.O.M. and Tray Label approval form. Formulate the sheet and obtain approvals.
  • Introduce the New Packaging Document at a reasonable flow until the ‘Old Format’ sheet is no longer required.

This role is offered on a 14 month fixed term contract and is full time. The company offer a competitive salary and  benefits and full training.

14 May 2020